Infotainment at the highest level

The InControl TouchPro infotainment system developed by Bosch for Jaguar Land Rover is one of the most advanced systems on the market. Its feature set includes:

  • · Straightforward utilization of iOS and Android smartphones in the vehicle thanks to mySPIN integration
  • · Outstanding computing power and screen resolution ensure the touchscreen provides a user experience on a par with high-end tablets
  • · Support for multiple screens with different content (not available in all countries).

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The new reference in vehicle instrumentation

Inflexible mechanical instrumentation is a thing of the past when it comes to the modern connected car. The old instrument cluster is making way for an extremely high-contrast, high-resolution display. The displayed instrumentation and content thus becomes freely programmable. This first of all reduces driver distraction, since only information relevant to the current driving situation is displayed. And secondly, it makes driving a whole lot more fun. After all, the freely programmable instrument clusters look absolutely stunning.

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Connected horizon - driving data from the cloud

While driving, one of the most important things is knowing what’s coming next. The connected horizon warns the driver about hazards even before they become visible.

The system exchanges vehicle and traffic data via the cloud in almost real time. Combined with highly precise topographical map data, the connected horizon enables new solutions for greater driving safety and better energy efficiency.

For example, if the car’s ESP sensors detect black ice, all the vehicles following behind will be warned about this automatically via the connected horizon.

But that’s just the beginning. The connected horizon is also a fundamental component for automated driving.

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The feel behind your touch

A touchscreen on which you can feel real buttons combines the benefits of two worlds. This tactile dimension reduces driver distraction enormously. And the ability to freely program the touchscreen helps achieve optimal user interface designs.

The Bosch neoSense haptic-feedback display was honored with the CES Innovation Award 2016.

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This is how we’ll be driving in the next decade

As the introduction of automated driving gradually progresses, the way we operate vehicles will change fundamentally. Bosch believes the car will become the third living space – alongside the home and the workplace.

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